Some of you may already know, so don’t yet but Natasha Grigori also known as Tashie died friday 11th november at 9h30 pm. She was supposed to get a transplant and failed to get it after weeks spent at hospital.

Tashie was the founder of AntiChildPorn.Org (ACPO) is an organization, comprised of volunteers from all around the world, whose mission is to stop the sexual exploitation of the world’s children. For the past years ACPO has been addressing the issues of Child Pornography production and distribution via the Internet, as well as the predatory use of the Internet for the sexual abuse of children.

Natasha spent most of her life to help, save children from online predators. She created ACPO 7 years ago and was totaly devoted to that cause being able to gather people from the Hacking underground scene to lawyers, Congressman or even Secret Services. She always put ACPO as her first priority, even before her professional life or even her health problems.

Today we’re more than sad, Tashie was like a second mother for most of us. Always there when needed, always connected, always there to help to protect children.

Today she’s no more, but will stay forever in our heart, in our Soul. The best present we can do to her is to show her that ACPO will continue. That’s what she said several times. If you can or want to join the funerals please mail me. Most of us are very far from Minnesota we have 1000’s way to express our feelings or support I’ll provided you details up on request.

A word she often used was “make a difference”, today we need you more than ever to support ACPO, to keep on her electronic figth against childporn on the Internet. Till my last breath of life, I will keep on what Natasha started almost 10 years ago.

Tashie we will love you, and will never forget you. I’ll sure you will keep an eye on us, like an angel from where you are.


Board of Director

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  1. just a small tribute: http://deepquest.code511.com/tashie/

    few pictures I’ve found on my hd and few servers.


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